Local Search Optimization

Local search marketing optimization that ensures more visibility, more traffic and thus more local business.

With the widespread of Internet the way local businesses can do and should do business has been transformed a lot. Those days are gone when local businesses depended on Yellow Pages to pull local traffic. Only about 2% of the US customers now use Yellow Pages while they look for local services and products of their need.

These days, customers use local search engines while they search for local services or products nearby. In fact, there are over 5 billion local searches on the Google a month and 61% of that population make a direct purchase from a brick and mortar store. And that’s why local search optimization is perhaps the most effective way to endorse your business and brand today – it helps you get found online as it matters a lot.

At A2Z, we have a great team of online marketing professionals who use local search to get your brand found at top on local search results on not only Google, but also on Google Maps and mobile devices in order that you can get a jump over your competitors and start alluring more customers in your locality.

How it works

Google search is not only about ‘what’ anymore; it is also about ‘where’. Now it is more focused on the location of the visitors, not only their queries. By being able to categorize search by the location of the users, leading search engines including Google can come up with more qualified and valued results.

For example, Google search algorithm knows that ‘best gynaecologists’ is a communally motivated search and the algorithm knows to deliver locally aimed search results. This fact improves user experience; it rather create a distinguished marketing opportunities for the local business community.

Local search helps you target traffic by individual market and location which allows you to reach prospective and actionable local people who are more likely to be converted. With local search optimization, you can reach more number of customers who are searching for your services or products at the precise moment they are looking for them, in their locality.

What we do

Our efficient digital marketing team optimizes your site especially with your aim to target local market. We understand that your goal, your financial capability and your business are all unique. Our team can help you create your campaign customized as per your need and budget.

We have been working for almost a decade to create innovative and exclusive strategies and pioneer techniques which have helped to put thousands of local brands on the map – from small brick and mortal stores to multi-million dollar, multi-branch franchises.

We start your campaign with a detailed analysis of your business, your market and of course your website’s digital health. We optimize your website and creating a mobile and online presence which would help you promote your organic footprint and get your business be found on the top of local search results, social platforms, mobile maps and also local directories which matter the most to the potential customers in your locality.

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