Pay Per Click Marketing

Enhance conversion rate, minimize wasteful click and increase profitability by means of search engine marketing (SEM) services.

A2Z offers a performance-based opportunity towards pay per click marketing, aka search engine marketing or SEM. We do our best to establish aimed campaigns which optimize for better conversions and improved results. Unlike other online digital marketing services, we don’t only emphasize on clicks, vanity metrics and traffic, but also focus on establishing targeted pay per click (PPC) campaigns to work for better conversions and improved results.

What our PPC team does?

  • Our team search media using leading search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing
  • We display product ads all through different shopping engines such as Shopzilla, Amazon Product Ads, PriceGrabber and Nextag
  • The team displays ads across Microsoft, Google Content Network and other leading ad networks

We are proud of our capability to provide you with the results that you want without keeping you waiting or creating any mystery. Once your PPC campaign will be launched, you can see the results coming within a couple of weeks, if not within a month. Our proven procedure, influenced and controlled by out expert team of PPC analysts, provides your brand an edge on the competitors.

We are an experienced and skilled digital marketing company, and we can assure that you don’t require spending an arm and a leg to establish your brand and make it visible on the net. And we know that you can do it very well without digging a hole in your pocket with proper PPC campaign. It will definitely help you move forward and stay ahead of the pack while let you get significantly higher return on investment.

Our PPC services with proven track record

Our efficient PPC team is dedicated especially about paid search as we value for money. And, we care for your business, brand and revenue as well.

Our established track record of successfully dealing with millions of dollars and efficiently enhancing performance of businesses by almost 300 percent, if not 500% over what other PPC services providers have achieved with significant result from the very beginning.

Each member of our PPC team is certified by Google Adwords; all of them have gone through rigorous training so that they can manage client’s campaigns with sheer efficiency and ensure success.

We believe in 100 percent transparency so that you can always keep track of how the campaign is going on and whereabouts of profitability. We work as the digital marketing consultants with sheer seriousness and dedication. We emphasize on illustrating complicated issues and help you get a jump over your competitors as a successful PPC adviser.

As your chosen service provider, we also provide you with comprehensive progress report every fortnight so that you have clear insight into your account with us and understand what drives traffic and ensures conversion.

How A2Z ensures successful PPC advertising

Here is a list of things we do to make your PPC campaign successful.

  1. We help you by all means so that you can understand your business better
  2. We create a robust PPC campaign strategy and make sure your campaign becomes successful
  3. We empathize with the niche market
  4. We target only the most relevant users
  5. We optimize best bids depending on ‘potential to convert’
  6. We design competitive and thriving ad copy

Spending thousands of dollars every month?

We help you get a PPC audit for free. Our experts who deal in PPC have already audited hundreds, if not thousands, of PPC campaigns in last couple of years. In many cases, our audit report reveals opportunities to remarkably and rapidly enhance performance. If you’re spending over 10,000 USD on a monthly basis for online marketing, you will get custom-made PPC audit for free. The audit reviews every aspect of your PPC campaign and offers actionable tips so that you can implement necessary measures for improvement of your business.

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