Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile has inevitably become the big thing. People are exploring even more with their cell phones. Smart phones popularity is increasing day by day. Mobile Marketing has to maintain pace with rapidly changing technology innovation and easily changing customer’s habits. A2z E-solutions involves string knowledge about mobile marketing services which helps you to reach maximum clients wherever they may be. We use sensible content and also use cross-channel plug-in which deliver texts by the right channel and at the best time.

With the help of our integrated mobile marketing approach we make sure that our customers must get in contact with their targeted audience. A beautifully designed responsive website is essential for any growing business. By making best use of our technical know how we create messages and applications that can be included in any marketing strategy.

Features of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is extremely cost effective, quantifiable, customized and active. The benefits of mobile marketing are serving many companies in order to attain their target audience better.

  • We will help you to advertise your brand, products and website more effectively by means of text messaging.
  • Usage of smart phones is elevated every day and several organizations are acknowledging the opportunities in mobile applications and testing.
  • With the help of text marketing potential audience will get targeted. We will assist you to keep active with the leads and potential customers on a regular basis.
  • With the product and services details, badges, success and leader board you can motivate to visit your Webpages on a regular basis.
  • Visitor’s response amount can be measured considering the CTR (Click through rate).
  • By opting mobile marketing we can bifurcate your customers demographically so that we can target each of them on the basis of one-on-one.
  • We have specialized resources of making a viral marketing campaigns in the groups and generate leads.
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