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s4search engine optimization, aka SEO is the most effective way of getting your site rank higher. It helps your site to appear at the top of organic search results of leading search engines like Google and Bing. And as you know, organic search matters a lot as it drives more traffic to any particular site than any other channel on the Internet.

According to many surveys, 98% customers conduct search on Google before they purchase any service or any product; while 91% of them contact companies right after searching. For your information, 80% to 86% of all these clicks go to organic results. All these numbers prove that SEO contributes in growth of a business.

Paid search traffic disappears as you stop paying for advertising, but SEO creates a permanent exposure and provides your brand with strategy for long term success.

We offer state-of-art SEO to help your business rule the market and build a consisting brand.

We make sure your business dominates online niche market and build reputation by offering best quality SEO services.

Leader in SEO services

We have helped hundreds, if not thousands companies to get first page ranking on Google while we are ranked as number 1 SEO service provider. You can easily find us on the first page of search results on this search engine giant if you search with the term ‘SEO Company’, the one of the most searched keywords. So if we can do it for our own business, then why can’t we do that for you?
Our strategy: Search engine optimization is something that requires personalized approach. This is the reason that we provide our customers with a wide and complete range of SEO solutions personalized as per their individual requirements. Our system has helped over 1000+ businesses to grow their online presence.

With continuous involvement of search engines, our services are also getting evolved continually. Here is a brief overview of the methodology we use today for the purpose of search engine optimization and thus help our clients get higher ranking.

Competitive analysis

Knowing your business, your contenders and the niche market is very much needed to get success. We have an efficient team of experts who will conduct a basic but thorough competitive analysis that finds out your strength and weakness in regards to your competitors. We accordingly plan where and how to enhance your website’s overall traffic volume in order that you can get connected with more number of customers.

In-depth site analysis

We conduct an in-depth analysis of your site to decide on which webpage would benefit the most by doing SEO and also which SEO elements they require to succeed. The elements may include canonical tags, Meta tags, link building and content writing. After analyzing the site, we will create customized strategy for your online business and that strategy will be used as the guide for the entire SEO campaign.

Technical optimization

In this case, we examine a site to make out and resolve the technical issues which are becoming constraints to a site’s ranking and overall performance. We also check for canonical problems, broken links, site architecture, page speed, page names, multimedia elements including images and lot more to ensure that the site is optimized properly and has no technical issues.

Keyword research

Keywords are the foundation stones of any SEO campaign. Selecting appropriate keywords determines how your site is going to rank and how pertinent it is to particular search terms. We will help you choose the most relevant search terms and design an effective and comprehensive keyword strategy created specially to drive in prospective traffic to your site.

Implementation of on-site Meta tags

After thoughtful keyword selection for each web page, we start writing search engine-friendly HTML code. Our on-site SEO plan comprises Meta content including title tags, alt texts, alt tags and Meta description. The content helps crawlers through the website and enhances its value for the visitors and the search engines as well.

SEO and Visitor friendly Content creation

Google’s powerful crawlers can determine a site’s overall subject authority depending on its content. You must have unique, keyword optimized and organic content on your site’s pages so that they can provide the readers with quality and useful information.
We have a robust team of qualified content writers who can write value adding content as per your requirement. The content will be created in order toenhance your site’s ranking for the targeted keywords and thus enhance the number of unique and potential customers visiting your site.

Building ethical inbound links

Building quality inbound links is very essential part of SEO services. It shouldn’t be overlooked while running an SEO campaign. And thus we offer over 20 exclusive organic link building approaches to improve a website’s authority and help you reach more people on the web. By designing a variety of organic links, your brand will be seen by Google to be a valued brand and so it will be rewarded with higher ranking.

Off-site promotion

It increases your site’s value, relevancy, popularity and last but not the least, web authority. We help our customers to maximize their online presence and boost their sites’ ranking by enduring the web authority by means of article creation, submission, social bookmarking, press release, infographic creation, social networking and much more.

Consultation and time-to-time reporting

In the conclusion, SEO requires continuous and proper maintenance. To meet this requirement, we use an effective combination of SEO and analytics tools to properly and technically track health of your site, its search engine ranking and its performance. Our efficient team of project management is veteran in making campaigns successful. We believe in complete transparency and thus we keep our customers updated with on-going reports and consultation that help them build SEO knowledge and implement it effectively for their websites so that they rank higher on Google.

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