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Social Media Marketing..

The unprecedented rise of social media in the web sphere has led marketers to bring about key changes in their strategies. Gone are the days when they could create brand buzz through press release, print media or electronic media. Leveraging the power of social media or digital media is critical to carving a niche for your business.imagesascc

What Is Social Media Marketing all About?

Social Media marketing programs are generally focused on creating content, which is successful in attracting the attention of viewers— so much so that they are inspired to share it on their favorite social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter etc— for further viewing and sharing. Since this medium is easily accessible via Internet, it becomes way easier for you to foster brand awareness and aim for better customer services.

The Power of Digital or Social Media Reflected by Statistics

Since statistics are the best yardsticks for measuring the impact of any new phenomenon, we would like to offer you a glimpse of the same. Here’s how Social Media majors like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc have fared till date:

Now, number, facts and figures can be encouraging. But it can be daunting as well— especially when you are not even there. There’s no doubt that proper channelization of the power of Social Media can bolster your audience base in a major way. However, getting on board, remains difficult without prior know how or insight.

A2ZeSoutions: A Leading Name in Digital Marketing

We, at a2zesolutiuons, would be more than happy to help, in case you are looking to implement effective digital marketing techniques to steer business growth. With just 2 or 3 years in the field, we are already positioned as one of the top 10 digital marketing firms in Kolkata. And yes! It’s GOOGLE that’s “speaking” for us!!

Backed by the powerful precision of a dynamic social media team, we at a2zesolutions would take care of every possible (social media) marketing need, required –either to enhance your brand presence or else to give it a head start.

Our Strategy

We have been an audience to the inimitable rise of social media in the last few years. And we take pride in iimagest. As much as we are adept at devising strategies of success and measuring the same, we believe in the inherent spontaneity of the medium. Here, words, opinions, thoughts and feedback are shared in their purest forms. Neither are they molded to suit others’ preferences nor are they influenced. If someone has to say something really “bad” about your brand, then he would probably take to social media (as per the latest trend) to do it. And we you might expect him to be absolutely blatant, in that regard. We, as your digital marketers, would respond to that opinion instead of ignoring it. This we, believe, would only help to enhance your sense of responsibility towards your customer, as a brand. Similarly, we would respond to queries, provide latest updates and offers and perform relevant analysis on a regular basis. Other functions include:

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