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This page reveals A2Z Solutions’ policy regarding its purpose, nature and sharing of the information provided by the users.

The policy page includes answers to the below-mentioned questions,

  1. What information do we collect about the user and how do we make use of it?
  2. Do you share user’s personal information with a third party?
  3. What choices the users have about compilation of information and usage of them?
  4. What are the security measures we implement to protect their privacy?

What information do we collect about the user and how do we make use of it?

We collect user’s personal information that may refer to as information which we can use for the purpose of identification and communication. As a user, if you don’t agree to share particular personal information, you may not to be able to access some areas of the site. We seek your personal information in the time of signing up with us, purchasing digital marketing services through/from A2Z Solutions, work with our professionals to optimize services that we offer to you. We also need it to provide you with required customer care and technical support.

To place an order and open online account with us, we request you to provide your good name, company name, email id, billing address, contact number, your website’s URL, your job title and any additional billing data depending on the payment method you select. For example, we may seek your credit card information. We may also want you to provide a screen name while signing up. Collecting information regarding your company, sites, vides like search engine ranking, traffic statistics, conversion ration and other information related to layout, visibility, popularity, reputation and success of your site/sites and videos also belong to our discretion.

How do we make use of it?

The personal information provided by you allows us to pursue financial transaction with you and in return, offer our services, provide detailed marketing information about your sites and videos, manage customer service queries, send you newsletter and also notify you about different promotional offers and discounts. We may also get connected to you through text message, email, phone or postal mail to send information about A2Z Solutions. We use it to contact you as and when required.

What are cookies? Do we store them?

Cookies can be defined as small pieces of electronic information which a site sends to its visitor’s browser and are usually stored on the hard drive of the person’s computer. Like other sites, we also use cookies in some areas of the Site(s) so that we can provide needed information that is targeted to you and also to make your digital online experience more soothing and easy. Moreover, analytics tools which are handled by third parties that can be appeared on the Site (s) also use these cookies. The tools use cookies to gather non-personal data while the user utilizes the Site(s). You may not even understand that the information or the data is being collected. In many cases, we get access to that information from the cookies used by those tools and the information may allow us to recognize other websites that you’ve visited.

Other important information

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Onsite Content Marketing Development

Our servers keep track of the information which you browser sends every time your visit our Site(s). In addition to that, some of the areas of A2Z Solutions may fetch information about your system. The information may includes your IP address, browser setting, type and version as well as domain name, your location, the features and services of A2Z Solutions that you use and length of usage. We may use such information to watch and evaluate how you use our features and services, to offer effective customer service, to manage and improve the sites’ features and to help preventing any fraudulent activities and misuse of company’s assets, and to ensure security.

Children’s information

We don’t purposely collect personal information of any child under 13. We consider children’s privacy as top priority seriously and thus always persuade parents to be active about their children’s online activities.

Do you share user’s personal information with a third party?

We may sometimes use non-personal information of the users, but exclusively on anonymous basis in order to provide advertisers, prospective partners and other third parties with analyses of the users. We may share your personal information under certain circumstances and those are,

  • Asset transfer – If we undergo an acquisition, merger or other transactions that involve sale of some or entire assets, then users’ info including personal information fetched from them during their use of A2Z Solutions may be included to the list of transferred assets. In case of such an event, we will follow correct means to inform you about the matter. We will either email you or post prominent notice on our Site(s).
  • Protection of right – We may share your personal information only if we believe that i) access, utilization, conservation and disclosure of the information is truly required to satisfy applicable laws, regulations, any legal process like a court order, credit card regulation or any request by the government authority or low enforcement department, ii) such action may be taken to implement Terms of Service including any sort of investigation of possible violations thereof, iii) such action is required to identify, avoid or otherwise detect fraud, technical or security issues, or iv) such action may be taken to preserve the property, rights and safety of A2Z Solutions, its staffs and users.
  • Service providers – We sometimes share users’ personal information with the service providers whom we engage to process information on our and users’ behalf. Such sharing is also occurred due bill collection, fraud prevention, SEO, digital marketing, sales and also technological services. For instance, we have undergone partnerships with other enterprises for payment processing. While offering us the services, these enterprises may have access to your personal information. to the extent feasible, we require such companies to only have access to your personal information that have direct connection with the services they conduct on our and also your behalf; not for their benefit.

What information you must know about third parties?

The Privacy Policy doesn’t include information practices of third party sites connected to our Site(s). We ask them to adopt and obey their own policy though we are not liable for their collection and utilization of your personal data. You must read the privacy policies and other statements of those sites or contact respective webmasters to receive information regarding how, why and what information they collect, use of the same and also their disclosure policy.

What choices do the users have about compilation of information and usage of them?

  • Control of information – You may revise, edit or delete your personal data or change the account preferences for A2Z Solutions from ‘My Account’ page or sending an email to requesting to modify your data. Please note, even if you delete your account, your account information will be retained with us thereafter. We may use them for internal account management and prevent from fraudulent activities.
  • Unsubscribing from receiving communication – If you don’t want to get newsletter, email or other alerts from us, you can unsubscribe by simply shooting a mail to or clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ link that you can find at the bottom of the emails sent by us. However, you can’t unsubscribe from every correspondence from us.
  • Arbitration – By agreeing to our T&C, you agree that in case of any claim or dispute related to the Privacy Policy that both you and A2Z Solutions will try their best to negotiate through a written resolution of the issue directly between the parties. You also agree that if the issue remains unsettled for 45 (forty-five) days after the notification either through personal delivery or a certified mail that a dispute is there, and all the parties shall join in arbitration services with a mutually agreed arbitrator in order to resolve the issue. if you file a claim, or any legal or administrative actions without initially having tried to resolve the issue by arbitration, then you’re agreed that you won’t be eligible to get attorney’s fee, even should you would otherwise be eligible to get it.

What are the security measures we use to protect users’ privacy?

The personal information you provide us is preserved on the servers that are placed in secured facilities with constrained access and safeguarded by protocols and specific procedures created to ensure security of such personal information. Moreover, we limit access to your information to the staffs of A2Z Solutions, independent agents and contractors who require knowing your personal information to create, operate and manage services offered by A2Z Solutions. Nevertheless, no computer, server, communication system or network, or online data transmission can be assured to be 100 percent secure. Therefore, while we try to safeguard your information, we can’t guarantee the security of information that you transmitted to us and you admit and agree that you gave such personal information and engaged in these transmissions at your own discretion. Once we get any such transmission from your end, we attempt to keep its security and confidentiality on our system.

Notice of changes

The Privacy Policy may be changed in a timely manner and we shall post the changes and update this page.

Terms of Service (TOS)

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